Georg Fjellberg

Georg Fjellberg was one of many who sacrificed their lives for their country during the Second World War. He participated in mobilization in 1940, and was ordered to take care of several rifles. He hid them i the heath by Fjellberg, about one kilometer southwest from this spot. The resistance people in Stavanger got after a while knowledge of the weapons. In 1941 several of these resistance people were arrested and under interrogation the Germans were told about Georg’s weapons. Georg Fjellberg was arrested along with 16 others and sent to Oslo in November 1941. He was sentenced to death. 33 years old, Georg Fjellberg was shot along with ten other persons on Flatmyr in Nannestad on December 29.

After the war his neighbours and friends collected money and raised a memorial stone. This stone is now placed above Hjorteland.